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Archive | May, 2018

Should You Hang Or Fold Your Jeans?

HANG OR FOLD – SHOULD IT BE THE CLOSSET OR CHEST OF DRAWERS FOR YOUR DENIM JEANS?   We hope you’ve never lost sleep over the question of what to do with that quality pair of jeans once you take them off??? None-the-less, you probably approach the hanging of coats, dresses, jumpers and jackets with […]

Tattoo Fashion or Accessories – So How Many Is Too Much?

When we first met and spoke with Charlie – a brilliant, charming and beautiful 29 year old City broker originally from Hull – it was difficult to imagine that beneath the power-suit; most of her body was covered in tattoos.  From her shoulder down to the top of her knees, Charlie has managed to fool […]

Would You Know Fine Art If It Were Hanging On Your Wall?

An Irish billionaire John Magnier is selling a painting (Modigliani) of a nude lady, estimated at £110 million.  You may have seen images of it plastered around London.  This 1917 masterpiece depicts a nude lady posing for less that £110 million.  John Magnier paid £20 million for the painting fifteen years ago and is now cashing […]

Princess Markle Made The Bootcut Jeans Famous Again

In April, the top fashion tabloids reported on the Royal couple arriving at the Invictus games with some astonishment over Meghan Markle wearing a pair of Bootcut jeans.  Some said “she rocked a dressed down look” when she sported a £160 pair of black bootcut jeans.    Since then, what has changed? Here are three […]

Oh Nicki, Nicki, Nicki, where thou is Onika Tanya Maraj?

There’s no doubt Nicki is a rock star and we definitely love her talent but we want to know…What do you really think of this beautiful Trinidadian lady?  Does her ‘Barbie Tingz’ do it for you?   “The 35-year-old rapper proudly put her curvaceous figure on full-display as she released two music videos on Friday. […]