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I don’t know about you but my family and I prefer holidaying in the Mediterranean.  The clear blue skies, sun, sea, fresh food in open restaurants, vibrant colours, foreign languages, different currencies, beautiful people, simple lives, rickety old trucks, luxury sports cars, spotless shopping malls, crowded bazaars, faultless handmade crafts sold relatively cheap…the list and reasons are endless.

We’ve always maintained that to appreciate a holiday, you must live at least one day like a local…do this, and you will meet genuine people on the way to forging the best holiday moments.

Over the years, we’ve come across many highly gifted & talented family run businesses that never cease to amaze us with their continual brilliant craftsmanship – some have become friends and business partners.

Babyblack was conceived several years back when my family shared several cups of coffee & cakes with a beautiful family in the southwest coast of Turkey.  Throughout the afternoon, I watched Ozlam’s (a seriously handsome middle-aged man struggling to put food on his family’s table) roughened and stained fingers measure once, twice and sometimes thrice before making a precision cut of the velvety soft leather to be hand sown into waist coats; a stock inventory he hoped would sell at once in order for him to pay his suppliers.

As the evening wound down, we all relocated to the courtyard garden at the rear of their shop.

I remember listening to the hypnotic sound of his sowing machine churning the perfect stitch after stitch and from time to time, he would insist that I should allow the children to go and sleep inside the cosy two-bedroom bungalow.

We enjoyed their company very much so we spent more and more time with them in the remaining days.

On the eve before our departure to return home, I stood in the corner of Ozlam’s shop, pretending not to eavesdrop on the conversation he was having with a customer from Sweden.

His customer purchased two items and paid the full amount plus a little extra for what he believed was the value for excellent craftsmanship.  After some protest, Ozlam accepted the amount, thanked the customer and sent him away with a little gift. 

For a man struggling to put food on the table, I was surprised by his reluctance to accept the monetary compliments of his customer.

Later that afternoon, Ozlam sat with us for a farewell coffee and I raised the question of why he was reluctant to accept the higher amount from his customer; especially with such a high quality handmade product. 

His response was life changing and we knew instantly what we wanted to do… we had to dare to be different.

From the ashes rose Babyblack.   

Here at Babyblack, we live and breathe our brand values that explicitly says to our customers, ‘Arise in Style’, let your confidence shine and simply be you.

The choices we make; be it our sub-retro colours, expressive cuts, quality fabrics or subtle details in technology, we will never compromise on the most important detail; how you look and feel in a Babyblack product.

We realise the incredible pace at which the industry is moving and our aim is to always meet the changing trends with very subtle but unique designs that preserve the best of what was, what is and what is to be.

Babyblack’s strategy is to deliver luxury and quality at affordable value for money, increase its product portfolio and ultimately have its products become a staple feature of every young woman’s closet.

Wear your Babyblack with confidence and ‘Arise in Style’


Yours sincerely