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Should You Hang Or Fold Your Jeans?

By Babyblack

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We hope you’ve never lost sleep over the question of what to do with that quality pair of jeans once you take them off???

None-the-less, you probably approach the hanging of coats, dresses, jumpers and jackets with a completely different view?  So we ask, should you hang or fold jeans?


Characteristics of great Denim jeans include but not limited to the very important theory that once you get them home, they shouldn’t lose any of the essential details that made you fall in love with them in the first place…whether purchased in-store or online.


In order to maintain the beautiful design and essential details of any jeans, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and forge a symbiotic relationship with the chosen fabric.


But why is it that all manufacturers do not go a step further and offer advice on how to store your jeans? 

Perhaps it’s because denim is a robust fabric and by its very design, the woven cotton fibres can withstand quite a bit of tough love.



We would recommend that the smartest way to begin your relationship with any denim jeans is to try it out and ensure you are satisfied with the comfort and fit.  Only then, discard the labels, turn them inside-out and wash on a low temperature cycle (or according to the manufacturer’s instructions) before air drying them.


However, once ironed, what do you do with them?  


If you’re expecting a detailed argument on the subject matter, then you’ll be very disappointed.


Jeans, as we’ve already mentioned is made from tough stuff and so our advice to you regarding this question is…STOP!


Like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn in their trusted Dungarees, wear it as many times as you can before your good friends tell you to wash it (follow manufacturer’s instructions but always wash inside-out).


  • Once ironed, put it straight back on or fold as neatly as you have been taught and put it away in a lovely scented chest of drawers.
  • However, if you have ample closet space to dance in, then simply iron and hang.


Always invest in a decent pair of jeans, look after them and they will look after you!

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