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What Are The Tops You Would Pair With Jeans or Shorts This Summer?

By Babyblack

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Tis the Season for Shorts & light Jeans but what new, fun and stylish tops to wear with them?


Summer is upon us and most of us have already pulled out the suitcases and sent our winter clothes on a dark & long holiday.  Some of us would have taken this opportunity to de-clutter the wardrobe but for many more of us, this task is proving a little brutal – even the thought of it. 


Why is it so hard –emotionally- to let go of one, two, three or even more favourites that have been there for us in ways not even a very close friend would understand?


Is it just us, or have you also found yourself clutching one or several tops tightly to your chest? You know which tops we’re talking about…the ones that gave you empowerment in the absence of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls and Gloria Gaynor?

Tops that amplified your confidence at a party and made you feel unstoppable.  At other times…perhaps when you were just out & about you felt many eyes on you – and you loved it!

In short a feel good top that made you feel ‘Just Fine’ like Mary J Blige.


Wouldn’t it be great if our fashion choices stood the test of time, thereby encouraging us to keep hold of every purchase until they simply were no more? Where have all the fairy godmothers disappeared to?


We have nothing against gingham tops of any description…promise!


Sadly, we have little choice in the matter because, with the new season comes the tough decisions to make some necessary redundancies in the style department.


So when the dust has settled and you’re staring into the abyss of your closet, what stares back at you?


Is it embellished tank tops, long sleeve cropped shirts, side-knot blouses, Bardot frill tops or something lacey?


The question of what to pair with our shorts/jeans can only be answered when we truly know our colour appetite, so for now, we will assume white is the go to colour for most of us.  Not only is it a safe choice but it opens a whole new world to accessorise with this season’s colours.


Of course we are not going to be able to cover every stunning white top in this article but we can at least agree that white cotton summer is both a smart & comfortable choice and if you allow room for some boho-chic fun, then Babyblack hats off to you!


Before we go, we must mention just TWO that should be on everyone’s radar; they seem to work for us season after season and if you’re getting ready to travel on holiday, they are excellent to fly in…airport trendy.

  • white button down shirts with a boyfriend cut…perfect for popping down to the shops or a quick coffee with friends
  • a loose white print tee and if you don’t fancy a jumper over your shoulder, grab a Duchess leather jacket.


Finally remember, tis the season for shorts & jeans but the first rule has to be…let your hair down and go with whatever makes you happy.

Have a fabulous summer…whatever you decide to wear with with those shorts or jeans!

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